Just Like Me



"Just Like Me"
Media: Plaster

     I found it interesting when I became an artist that women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds had alot of the same body issues.  When someone was asked to model for me they would all respond with similar responses:

"I hate my breasts, they are too big/small"
"My breasts are misshapen"
"One breast is different/smaller than the other"
"I am to fat (or skinny)"
"I have stretchmarks"
"I had children and havent looked right since the last one"

     It did not matter what these women looked liked, but they all appeared to have the same body issues; They hated how they looked.  What would cause so many women to dislike how they looked?  Was this something caused by childhood, nature vs. nurture, or was it something caused by mass media? 

     No matter what caused this it was prevalent with so many women.It didn't matter what caused this feeling in these women.  The only thing that mattered was that they felt alone, although everyone of them all felt the same thing.  There was a universal truth among all women that was rarely ever talked about, yet these women felt the need to share it with me.  I had been let into a part of their life that some hadn't even told their husbands about.No matter how you feel about your appearance there are others that just feel like you do. 

     That girl that misses a meal to lose a few pounds, feels just like that girl that will skip a meal just to stay the way she is.  So many of us dislike how we look, but realize that the person you want to look like may be suffering as much as you.  Be happy with who you are, be the best person you can be and nothing external will matter. 





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