Portfolio - Sculpture

In the spring of 2006 Jason began classes in 3-D Design and Sculpture. Working in three dimensions was another journey for Jason into an area that he hadnt wander down before. Jason's art had always been photography, before college he had no desire to ever try working in another dimension but that soon changed after his first week of of the Spring '06 semester. As Jason worked with sculpture he found another medium which he quickly loved. Photography was his number one passion but being able to create something with his bare hands was something different all together. He could visualize in his mind what he wanted and make it a physical object. Also the idea of using items from around his home appealed to him because it allowed him to work with items of his grand parents allowing him to make art about them as well. Included within this page is Jason's sculptures from colege up to now. His work has evolved and taken on a new life. It is more refined and has a stronger purpose or statement than it did before.

"Just Like Me"
Media: Plaster

I found it interesting when I became an artist that women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds had alot of the same body issues.  When someone was asked to model for me they would all respond with similar responses:

"I hate my breasts, they are too big/small"
"My breasts are misshapen"
"One breast is different/smaller than the other"
"I am to fat (or skinny)"
"I have stretchmarks"
"I had children and havent looked right since the last one"

No matter how you feel about your appearance there are others that just feel like you do.  That girl that misses a meal to lose a few pounds, feels just like that girl that will skip a meal just to stay the way she is.  So many of us dislike how we look, but realize that the person you want to look like may be suffering as much as you.  Be happy with who you are, be the best person you can be and nothing external will matter.

"Into the Expansion"
Media: Foam Core and Acrylic Paint

Jason's purpose was to explore how to take something as simple as a piece of foam core board and turn it into an ever expanding piece of three dimensional work. The shapes were cut at random, Jason allowed the work to unfold on its own. To become what it wanted to be and take its own shape. The idea of leaving the foam core solid white and only adding color to the edges was something people were sure was not going to work at first. As you can see the unorthodox idea was exactly was the work needed. Anything more for color would of easily weighed down the feeling of the piece.

"The Maiden, The Mother, and the Crone"
Media: Dowels, Wire, and Acryllic Paint

Jason has a very spiritual side to him that is based in the old Celtic religion. Jason is one who tends to follow the feminie trinity of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. Using dowels of various sizes Jason depicted the strength of the Goddesses with larger dowels and the well rounded beliefs and flexibility with the more delicate dowels. Working with smaller sized dowels can be rather dangerous since there is the possibility of injury. Jason was able to psuh these limits without any damage to himself or others.

"A Fertility Goddess"
Media: Clay.. Fired and unglazed

Jason's belief in the triple Goddess chose him to pick a fertility Goddess from ancient times to re-create in a size that could be easily displayed. The original Goddess statues were typical made just a couple of inches tall, yet this piece measures approxamately 14 inches in height.

"Spring Cleaning"
Media: Recycled Paints, brush and stir stick.

Jason and his wife Jennifer live in the house his mother grew up in. Their home has been in the family for over 55 years and in the basement is old paints from when Jason's grandparents were alive. His grandmother "Tootsie" was one who loved to paint. She painted the cabinets, walls, and furniture many times over the years to give them a little sprucing up during her "Spring Cleaning". This piece was actually done as an Homage to his grandmother.

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