Behold Her

Media: Photography

     Robert Mapplethorpe was once quoted as saying, “Beauty and the devil are the same thing”. This harsh comparison has become more relevant over the past 20 years. Clothing designers, marketing agencies, and all other forms of mass-media are continually embedding the notion that if we are not what THEY consider beautiful, then we are simply another face in the crowd.
    This constant pressure has caused much insecurity among people of all shapes, sizes, color, ages and genders. Mass-media has essentially caused “beauty corruption” and has become the basis for many eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. Society is finding that more people are no longer comfortable in their own skin. I need not search for the “perfect body” as I believe there is only “perfect” in the “imperfect”. Imperfection, to me, is the epitome of true beauty.
    Our scars are a road map of who we are, where we have been and the wonderful path that life’s journey has taken us on. They are symbols of the totality of our experiences. My work as an artist has lead me to the work that I call “Behold Her…”. It was created using women who don’t quite fit society’s mold of “perfect”. These women have scars, both mental and physical, and are genuinely beautiful in their own way.

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