Living in Color, Dreaming in Black & White - The Book


Color, it surrounds us everyday in every way.  We are bombarded with massive amounts of color from a variety of sources.  With such a large amount of color around us at every turn the why was I always so resistant to work with color as an artist? Why was my work almost always destined to be created in Black & White?  It might have something to do with my childhood.

When I was a child any form of self expression was frowned upon.  It was never said that we could express ourselves but it was an unspoken rule.  If I did anything different such as a purple sky I was told that I was wrong, the sky was blue, fix it.  As I got older this never really changed much, just those the people that told me this did.

In school I had an Art teacher who was rather strict on how things were done in her class.  There was no individuality, just her way of doing things and if we wanted to pass her class then I had to do everything her way.  In her class the sky was always to be blue and the grass was always to be green, that was that.

Since this was imprinted on me at such an early age then it was no show that in February 2000 when I picked up my first camera that I immediately gravitated to working solely in Black and White.  From this point on everything was to be shades of gray.  The sky was one shade of gray and the grass was another.  No one dictated how I did my Art, it was mine and mine alone.  I was no longer a slave to color.

Working so long in Black & White I became complacent in my work.  I was pushing my work and myself but there was one thing still holding me back, my reluctance to working in color was the last barrier for me to overcome.  After the release of my first book "Faded Away" it was time to take on the lat obstacle in my way to get out of my comfort zone.  I was time to embrace the use of color.


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