Alive with Color


     Being raised in a small town made being exposed to art and self expression rather difficult.  When I was in school we were not allowed to think “outside of the box”, it was actually discouraged.  If we tried to make the grass blue and the sky green then we were told we were wrong and fix it.  If we ever decided that we were going to be individuals and go out on our own then we were destined to fail.  

     As I got older this narrow view stuck with me and followed me to the day I became an artist.  Since creativity was scorned when I was younger I decided that my art would be strictly Black and White.  Color was something that brought me back to my younger years and was difficult for me to grasp.   

    I have spent most of the past 12 years as an artist working mostly in Black and White, that was until last year.  After my first book was released in 2011, I decided that it was time to break the chains that held my work back, the lack of color.   

    When I began this series it was intended to be an experiment and learning process of color; of what works and what doesn’t.  This series soon became more and I learned a lot about myself.  My publisher loved the work so much he turned it into my second book.  Once I saw the images in print I decided it was time to take these photos to the next level and continue on to what I have now.   

     When you look at the images you are not only looking at just a color photograph, you are looking into something that has become personal, it is a part of me.  I have now worked past the stigmata that has been known as color for the past 30 years of life.

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