Walk a Mile in my Shoes


Walk a Mile in My Shoes

In August 2002 my wife Jennifer and I moved back to the county after being gone for several years. My wife came from a large city and had never experienced an area like the county before. For sometime after our moving here she kept noticing things that she had never seen before like moose, farm equipment, etc. She was seeing the region like a child with awe and excitement. It was things that I had grown up around but taken for granted because that is just how it always was. Fast forward to March 7, 2008. I was informed by Dr. Nguyen that he had just diagnosed my wife with a Borderline Ovarian Tumor and that he was sending us to Portland, Maine to take care of this tumor. This was a devastating blow to Jennifer and I because we were, and still are, trying to have a baby. Our whole lives were changed in that one single moment.

After an extensive surgery, countless doctor visits and a very emotional time my lovely wife has fully recovered and is doing wonderful. We had always done charity work for the various cancer organizations but from this point on it would have a very important and special meaning for the both of us. Since Jennifer’s recovery over the past 2 years I have spent every moment I could with her and decided to never take anything for granted again. I looked at things with a new appreciation and as someone experiencing it for the first time. I adopted Jennifer’s view of the county and asked questions, took a lot of photos and tried to see something from a different perspective, which brings us to these photos.


The Aroostook Medical Center
140 Academy Street
Presque Isle, Maine

May 1, 2010 to May 30, 2010
Freddy P's
431 Maine Street
Presque Isle, Maine

April 1, 2010 to April 30, 2010



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