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 Jason over the years has done numerous self exploration projects along with many political issues that hit home with him. Such issues deal with: Domestic Violence, Self-esteem and equality.In the sections below you will find a background into Jason’s work that you will not find without otherwise talking directly with Jason.

Over the past 12 years Jason has always pressed himself and his work to be more than just a photo that anyone can take. Jason strives to be the best at everything he puts himself into whether it be photography, sculpture, watercolor (abstracts) or his life. For Jason his art is more than just a job, it is a way of life and self expression. Art has helped Jason deal with many issues in his life and is his own outlet for dealing with the struggles faced by artist, and everyone that has ever strived to make a difference in the world. He has suffered ridicule, torment, hatred and various other uncalled for attacks because of the work he does. Jason lives in a small community that does not accept his work fully, However he has a strong support group of friends and fans that reach all over the world. To date his fan base has spread over more than 15 countries and the numbers reach into the tens of thousands.

Below you will find vast amounts of Photography work that is constantly changing and expanding. Some of Jason’s work is some tastefully done nude work, if you are easily offended by the human form please click another link to the right before scrolling down.

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Behold her

Robert Mapplethorpe was once quoted as saying, “Beauty and the devil are the same thing”. This harsh comparison has become more relevant over the past 20 years. Clothing designers, marketing agencies, and all other forms of mass-media are continually embedding the notion that if we are not what THEY consider beautiful, then we are simply another face in the crowd.

This constant pressure has caused much insecurity among people of all shapes, sizes, color, ages and genders. Mass-media has essentially caused “beauty corruption” and has become the basis for many eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. Society is finding that more people are no longer comfortable in their own skin. I need not search for the “perfect body” as I believe there is only “perfect” in the “imperfect”. Imperfection, to me, is the epitome of true beauty.

Fairy of the Woods


The fairies are the guardians of the forest. They aide the Green Man (The God of the Woods) in protecting and looking over the trees, flowers, and all the animals of the forest. Every morning the Guardians venture out to begin their duties. This morning a Fairy knows something is not quite right.


Artist must always push themselves and develop their Art further ad further or you become stale and stagnant.  I had felt that I had worked on self image for so long that it was time to venture into the world of what I was not comfortable with and push myself even further.  This was not to say I was scared of the unknown or that i had suffered fear to drive myself further but I had tip toed around the matter and decided no more.

As for now until the series is complete I do not have a full artist statement written for this since sometimes my work takes a turn before completion and I decide that maybe things will be done different.  For now I just wish to introduce you to this new series and would like people to follow its evolving and opening into something that new and different for me.

Alive with Color

     Being raised in a small town made being exposed to art and self expression rather difficult.  When I was in school we were not allowed to think “outside of the box”, it was actually discouraged.  If we tried to make the grass blue and the sky green then we were told we were wrong and fix it.  If we ever decided that we were going to be individuals and go out on our own then we were destined to fail.

    As I got older this narrow view stuck with me and followed me to the day I became an artist.  Since creativity was scorned when I was younger I decided that my art would be strictly Black and White.  Color was something that brought me back to my younger years and was difficult for me to grasp.

     I have spent most of the past 12 years as an artist working mostly in Black and White, that was until last year.  After my first book was released in 2011, I decided that it was time to break the chains that held my work back, the lack of color.

From Within the Shadows

In our day to day life we see things around us and never really “see them”. They are always there and we take for granted that we can see it and that object will never change. However what does change is the shadow of the object. The shadow of the object changes with the seasons, the hour and even the weather. No shadow is always the same, it can be very different on a hourly basis. Some days (like overcast or rainy days) the object’s shadow is not even there.

Do we ever take time to look down and see this shape shifting change that comes with a shadow? No we are to busy in our day to day life with rushing here and rushing there to see the shadow on the ground. This show is a look at a common object via its shadow to make us slow down, look at it and see a in a new absence of light the object and how it is different from the ground instead of straight on.


Living In Color, Dreaming in Black & White (The Book)

Color, it surrounds us everyday in every way.  We are bombarded with massive amounts of color from a variety of sources.  With such a large amount of color around us at every turn the why was I always so resistant to work with color as an artist? Why was my work almost always destined to be created in Black & White?  It might have something to do with my childhood.

When I was a child any form of self expression was frowned upon.  It was never said that we could express ourselves but it was an unspoken rule.  If I did anything different such as a purple sky I was told that I was wrong, the sky was blue, fix it.  As I got older this never really changed much, just those the people that told me this did.

Faded Away (a 165 Page Book)

Join Jason in a journey through his exploration of cemeteries around Aroostook County, Maine. Jason traveled eight different cemeteries between Caribou, Maine and Houlton, Maine as a photojournalist to document older and forgotten grave sites. Jason's exploration began with losing several family members while away in the United States Navy.

Jason felt that with the stones erroding away that something should be done to document the stones before they were totally destroyed and unrecognizable due to the effects of time and weather.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

In August 2002 my wife Jennifer and I moved back to the county after being gone for several years. My wife came from a large city and had never experienced an area like the county before. For sometime after our moving here she kept noticing things that she had never seen before like moose, farm equipment, etc. She was seeing the region like a child with awe and excitement. It was things that I had grown up around but taken for granted because that is just how it always was. Fast forward to March 7, 2008. I was informed by Dr. Nguyen that he had just diagnosed my wife with a Borderline Ovarian Tumor and that he was sending us to Portland, Maine to take care of this tumor. This was a devastating blow to Jennifer and I because we were, and still are, trying to have a baby. Our whole lives were changed in that one single moment.

After an extensive surgery, countless doctor visits and a very emotional time my lovely wife has fully recovered and is doing wonderful. We had always done charity work for the various cancer organizations but from this point on it would have a very important and special meaning for the both of us. Since Jennifer’s recovery over the past 2 years I have spent every moment I could with her and decided to never take anything for granted again. I looked at things with a new appreciation and as someone experiencing it for the first time. I adopted Jennifer’s view of the county and asked questions, took a lot of photos and tried to see something from a different perspective, which brings us to these photos.


I Am Me

The Show was on display from April 7, 2009 to April 20, 2009 at the University of Maine at Presque Isle in the Pullen Gallery. Approxmately 65 patrons attended the show on April 11, 2009 and listened to Jason present his work. Jason discussed the process and meaning behind his show, as well as the problems he faces as an artist in such a small rural community.

The project is a presentation on Jason's belief and philosophy that builds on the premise that we are all the same when you get down to the basic molecular structure of our being. Even though our appearance alters from person to person, we are all born with the same basic internal workings and form the same basic desires as we grow.

The media has changed our perception of ourselves with depictions of what it means to have a "perfect" body and what it means to be "in shape". Jason is trying to help remove some of these barriers and make people less ashamed of who they are and how they look.


2009: A retrospective

The show was located adjacent to the Millennium Building at The Aroostook Medical Center in Presque Isle, Maine. The show was in place from January 1, 2009 until March 2, 2009. Jason had been selected as the Artist of the month for the month of January and February in 2009. The project was a retrospective on Jason and his work as a Photographer from 2000 to 2009. Over the years Jason has evolved as both a person, a photographer and an artist. He has been given several opportunities that Jason is thankful that these opportunities offered themselves to him.


The Light in the Darkness

Have you ever been treated unjustly because of your looks. Are you tall, short, fat, thin, ugly, pretty, blonde, brunette , or redhead. Sometimes being male or female is enough for mistreatment. There are so many people that have great personalities that are wonderful people yet they are pre-judged based on their looks.

This series was my quest to show that no matter a persons looks that people are to be judged based on personality and not appearance. I spent many hours interveiwing models prior to selection for such a project and have found some woderful people in the process.


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