Places of Interest

Over the years Jason has collected a moderate amount of places on the net that he finds interesting.  He has decided to take the time to collect it all here to be able to share it with you. Here you will find information, charities, photographers, artists and many other types of pages.  We hope you enjoy the pages listed below.

Photographers, Models, and Make-up Artists

William Morgan Conant (Photographer) - I have known Will for over a year now and this man is an inspiration to me.  I love his vision and the look of his work.  Please look him up on either his Website or on his fan page found on Facebook

Passion Photography - Angie is one of my students and probably one of my fastest learning students.  We have worked one on one for just 3 hours and I am amazed as how well she has done.  I always love seeing her work unfold.  Find her on her fan page on Facebook

F.L.S Photography - A wonderful young lady and amazing photographer.  She is not just someone with a camera, She has an amazing eye and a talent that surpasses.  A top choice in all areas of photography. Find her on Facebook and check out her amazing work.

True Focus Photography - I have known Charles Eaton since before I have moved to Maine.  Chuck (Charles) has always been there for me when I needed another photographer/artist to talk to.  Please find his Facebook Page and show this man the respect he deserves

KD Photography - Kelscee Dean is another student of mine, she has a keen eye and a fresh outlook.  Check her out on Facebook

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