What if Nobody Believed in You

As an artist I face scrutiny all the time. I have been laughed at for wanting to do my Art in northern Maine. I have been called a pornographer from time to time (which I addressed in the article titled "Is it a work of art or just plain pornography"). This is just a few of the problems I face as an artist.

So what do I do when people tear my work apart? That's easy, I turn to my wife, friends and admires of my work. It is because of these people that I am able to continue with my Art. They give me all the strength and support that I need in order to not give it up. And trust me there have even been times when I packed up my entire studio into about 8 or 10 boxes and put it in the corner of my office. Even after all that I am still here doing my best to get my message out there. If it weren't for those that support me I would be sitting here regretting ever stopping my work. But not everyone has that kind of support group.

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Art as a Form of Peaceful Meditation

In our daily lives we have all sorts of events bombarding us from every angle. A few years ago we had a very energetic rally on campus that caused some commotion amongst staff, professors, and students. Also as students we face large amounts of study time and few moments to relax.

If you are anything like me then you work one or more jobs along with college and wonder how you survive in all this chaos flailing all around you. Living with all of this chaos and hell fire causes me to have some very disturbing nightmares which are brought on by very intense stress.

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What Does it all Mean... The ponderings of an Artist

Is it money, Fame, Fortune, Prestige, or maybe just a willingness to help someone else? Why does an artist create art? This is an issue that people can not seem to agree on, especially artists.

Some artists will tell you that to be a true artist you must make work that will sell in your area. For our area that means little happy trees, flowers and clouds painted in the traditional Bob Ross style. Other artists believe that to be a serious artist you must strive for recognition and exposure or you are just someone that does Art for a hobby. I find these two statements very disturbing.

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Freedom of Speech in Art

In May of 2000 the New York 2nd District Court made a decision in the case of Tunick v. Giuliani that Art was protected under the first amendment as part of the freedom of speech. This case concerned the issue of artist Spencer Tunick being able to photograph tasteful nude work on the streets in the city of New York.

The courts decision was made by Judge Guido Calabresi who stated, "We would be ostriches if we failed to take judicial notice of the heavy stream of First Amendment litigation generated by New York City in recent years . . . As a result of this relentless onslaught of First Amendment litigation, the federal courts have, to a considerable extent, been drafted into the role of local licens

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To Career or Not to Career

When I meet someone for the first time I am usually asked what I do for work. I begin to inform them that I have several jobs and one that I am very passionate about. This intrigues them a little and they then ask, "Great! What kind of job is it?" I reply back "I am an artist." This is soon followed by some giggles or snide comments such as, "Being an artist isn't work. Any one can be an artist. That isn't a real job!"

This usually starts us off on a bad foot, my blood pressure starts to rise and I just remind myself that some people don't understand that work and effort that an artist puts into their work. It doesn't matter the medium that is used, artist generally spend long tiring hours doing their work. Some do not even sleep much because a problem with their project is keeping them awake. Here is a little insight into what is involved in being an artist.

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