Late Night on the East Grand

My wife Jennifer and I decided a couple of weeks ago to join my parents for their second annual trip down to Danforth, Maine for a camping trip.  They stay for a full week at this cabin on the water.  The dock is literally less than 20 meters away.  We had a pretty relaxing day… I did almost nothing but had a few drinks, smoke some great cigars and even choked down a large 1 ½” Porterhouse steak.  We even used a 4 person golf cart to get around in.  It was completely and totally work free.  Don’t worry I am going somewhere with this….

As the night drew near, and like any workaholic photographer I brought like 75% of my camera equipment (which takes one small mule or 4 trips for me to lug in), I broke out my camera with my huge 650 to 2600 mm lens (if you don’t know, that’s huge) and my 55 to 200mm zoom (fairly average but still amazing) and took some photos.  I had taken two lovely photos after the sun went into hiding for the night, and one of the moon.  It was just enough to get me to get a few good shots for the office walls in.

After the equipment got put away it was time for my PJ’s and relaxing on a nice screened in porch with my father (wow I am feeling like a teenager, I am with my DADDY) and with Jenny (let a teenager say that).  We chatted about mindless stuff for probably an hour before dad headed to bed, He is 65 so he has to head to bed fairly early like the elderly do. 

As we just sat there, listening to the boats clang against the dock, the wind picked up and rustled the trees and the temperature slowly reached a comfortable 71 degrees after hitting a high of 83.  I do like I normally do late at night when in the woods camping, I sat and reflected on my life. 

Here is where I am going with this long drawn out narrative….

I was thinking two thoughts about my life:

1) IF I had everything to do all over again would I do it?  I mean everything, nothing changes, all the bad times, all the good times and all the trials and tribulations.  Would I make every same choice that I did back then? Seriously, leave everything the same way straight down to every single choice I had to face. Yes, that even deals with Jenny having her cancer and spending all the time fighting with that.

2) Would I spend more time with family and work less?  I mean I do work a minimum of 70 or more hours a week and sleep as little as I can and do miss out on a lot of time with friends and family but if I ever cut back on my work I don’t think it will ever get done so I have to work that much.

The answer to this two questions was not at hard as I thought it would be…. to the first question I would change nothing.  I mean every little detail of my life made me who I am today and personally I like how I am.  I am rather caring, sensitive and have a great sense of quirky humor that my friends seem to love.  All of who I am also drives my work so why would I ever want to change that?  I mean if I was not me then who would I be?  I would not want to be any different than what or who I am right now.

The answer to the second question came to be the same for me… I wouldn’t change how much I work, I mean sure I can cut back on how much time I work but proper time management would let me do both.  Here I was on a so called “vacation” and still find time to work.  As it is I am sitting in the bedroom now and writing this blog late at night so obviously there is always time for work.  But then again I got the time to spend with family today and worked tonight, Balance.  I think Buddha would be proud.

I guess what I am really getting at is this… Life is not about regret, or work, or even how much time you spend with family.  I think life is more about being you and letting everything you do mold you into the person you are today.  You need to find a way to balance everything in your life and not find yourself doing one thing more than one thing else.   If you only ever eat you get fat and cant get out of bed…  But then again if you only work you miss your family and every great thing that happens…

We all need a way to find balance in our life… I am still one who is guilty of that but being slightly out of balance I will never regret, but being out of balance gave me the drive to write this, and maybe even help you a little.


**PLEASE NOTE: I am currently on a slow net connection and when I get back to the office to the world of speed I will be posting the photos from this trip

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