What if Nobody Believed in You

As an artist I face scrutiny all the time. I have been laughed at for wanting to do my Art in northern Maine. I have been called a pornographer from time to time (which I addressed in the article titled "Is it a work of art or just plain pornography"). This is just a few of the problems I face as an artist.

So what do I do when people tear my work apart? That's easy, I turn to my wife, friends and admires of my work. It is because of these people that I am able to continue with my Art. They give me all the strength and support that I need in order to not give it up. And trust me there have even been times when I packed up my entire studio into about 8 or 10 boxes and put it in the corner of my office. Even after all that I am still here doing my best to get my message out there. If it weren't for those that support me I would be sitting here regretting ever stopping my work. But not everyone has that kind of support group.


So what do you do if people don't support your work as an artist, or any kind of work that you do? Use them to further push you and encourage you to do your work. It was once said to keep your friends close and your enemies' closer. This works also in our jobs as modern day Artist.

Having people support you is a great feeling. Those that don't support you can further your work. They can be the drive and determination that pushes you. Prove to them that you can do it. Show them that you are good at what you do by succeeding at it no matter what. If you have to defend yourself make sure you are factual in what you do. Make sure all your T's are crossed and I's are dotted. Your passion for your work and determination should show in everything

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