Art as a Form of Peaceful Meditation

In our daily lives we have all sorts of events bombarding us from every angle. A few years ago we had a very energetic rally on campus that caused some commotion amongst staff, professors, and students. Also as students we face large amounts of study time and few moments to relax.

If you are anything like me then you work one or more jobs along with college and wonder how you survive in all this chaos flailing all around you. Living with all of this chaos and hell fire causes me to have some very disturbing nightmares which are brought on by very intense stress.


I have found one solace over the past nine or so years of my life and that is art. If I am ever stressed I take solitude in my two room studio in my home with doors closed and music blaring. Art gives me something to focus on, a diversion for the hectic part of my brain just to take a break from reality. This break from reality causes my muscles to loosen and brain activity to slow and return to a more pleasant place. Meditation works the same way so for me working as an artist is a great way for me to relax.

The most relaxing Art form for me is being a sculptor. There is nothing more relaxing then walking up to a 25 or 30 pound block of plaster, grabbing my little two pound hammer and just beating that block of plaster into something abstract yet beautiful. Every time I finish work for the day on my sculpture, I am relaxed and my back feels great (until I wake up in the morning sore from all that hammering).

Now I know some people are saying "How can something that creates so much noise and makes you sore later relax you?" Creating art (whether painting, sculpting of photography) gives my brain something to focus on. The intent and passion that is behind my work is focused and makes me forget about all those little things that are swimming around in my head. This focus brings everything into perspective and has even at times shown me solutions to a problem.

So the next time you find that you cant relax, I recommend a walk on the university nature trail will a small sketch pad, or journal, and a pencil and just sit against a tree and try to sketch or even doodle something simple. You would be amazed at how relaxed you will be in just a few minutes.

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